THE PEACEMAKER (1997) - George Clooney, Nicole Kidman -THE BEST MOVIE YOU NEVER SAW

Welcome back to The Best Movie You Never Saw! Back in 1997, Dreamworks SKG was gearing up to release their first slate of movies, and leading the charge was The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman as two government investigators tracking down a stolen nuclear bomb. Notably, stands as George Clooney's one stab at action movie stardom, a genre he's mostly stayed away from otherwise (likely due to a serious back injury he received working on Syriana). It was also an early star vehicle for Nicole Kidman, who was coming off of Gus Van Sant's To Die For. It was the feature debut of Mimi Leder, who was known at the time for directing E.R and would later direct Deep Impact, Pay It Forward, and much of the HBO series The Leftovers. So how does The Peacemaker fare twenty-four years (!) later? At the time, it was considered a run-of-the-mill action movie but now, given that big-budget adult-oriented entries into the genre are so rare, it stands as an underrated gem. Join us to find out why! For more MOVIE NEWS, visit: SUBSCRIBE for more of all the LATEST JoBlo Videos here: Check out all of the JOBLO YOUTUBE channels below: MOVIE TRAILERS: MOVIE CLIPS: TV TRAILERS: SUPERHEROES: ANIMATED: HORROR: ORIGINAL CONTENT VIDEOS: CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS: #GeorgeClooney #NicoleKidman #TheBestMovieYouNeverSaw

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