PRISON PROSECUTOR - Action Movie 2020 full movie english Action Movies 2020

In the middle of the XXII century, an energy crisis hit the Earth. In search of minerals and new energy sources, far in space, earthlings discovered a fantastically beautiful planet inhabited by blue-skinned humanoid giants - the Na'vi. The atmosphere of Pandora was not suitable for human breathing, but the valuable mineral anobtanium discovered on the planet could solve all energy problems on Earth. For the study and development of the planet, people use "avatars" - giant blue-skinned bodies artificially grown using the DNA of people and Na'vi. The management was carried out virtually by donor operators. But suddenly one of the scientists-operators dies and a twin brother arrives to control his avatar from Earth. Jake is a former Marine who was seriously injured and now only moves in a wheelchair. Having hastily studied the control instructions, he lies down in the camera transferring the operator's consciousness into the avatar's brain ... #actionmovie2021 #movie2021 #movieenglish2021

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