Campus Love Movie 2019 | My Girlfriend is an Agent, Eng Sub | Comedy Action film, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2019 First run romance movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent" is about a campus love story. An undercover was caught by a criminal group. At the critical moment, he put the memory card into a student's bag. Xu Xiaojing, a police cadet, was ordered to sneak into a campus as the ID of a new student, to protect the witnesses and find evidences to expose the criminal group.. Studio: Fang's Invest, The Funny Film Producer: Fang Shangjian, Xian Chao Director: Li Guo Writer: Yang Jing, Xian Chao, Wang Zhihan, Li Guo Starring: Yuan Leiying Genres: #Romance, Comedy, #Action Link of Our Channels: ----Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: ----Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: ----Q1Q2 Short Videos Channel: ----Q1Q2 Music Channel: ----Moxi Best Movie Channel English: ----Moxi Movie Channel Official:

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