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Free Western Movie: Tepepa - Spaghetti Western - The Mexican guerilla leader Tepepa and his gang fight against the chief of police, Cascorro. Tepepa (1969) Director: Giulio Petroni Writers: Ivan Della Mea (screenplay), Ivan Della Mea (story) Stars: Tomas Milian, Orson Welles, John Steiner Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western Country: Italy | Spain Language: English Release Date: 22 October 1970 (West Germany) Filming Locations: Finca El Romeral, San José, Almería, Andalucía, Spain Storyline: In Mexico, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a man is to be executed by Cascorro's men. Doctor Henry Price, en Englishman, arrives in his car and saves him. The nickname of the man is Tepepa and he was a hero of the Revolution. Tepepa asks doctor Price way he saved him and the answer is chilly: to have the pleasure to kill him himself. And he aims his gun at him. Reviews: "If you like action-packed westerns, then you'll be in for a treat when you see the marvelous masterpiece, "Blood and Guns." It has a great cast, fantastic acting, and it takes a common "good guys vs. bad guys" plot and turns it into a memorable viewing experience through humor, tragedy, and most importantly, Orson Welles. There has never been a film like this before or after its release. It's a true original! What other movie uses billy goats strapped with dynamite to attract the enemy? What other movie shows Orson Welles shooting at a man on a horse going around a little red car in cirlces? None. There is an evil doctor with a chin bigger than Jay Leno's. There is a great battle scene between the peasants and the mexican brown-suits. Tomas Milian, who played Tomas F. Dobb in a spanish version of "Revolution", is the man with the big black sombrero who taunts Orson Welles until he learns his lesson from the big man himself. There's the naive mexican boy. The frightened citizens. The violence. And Orson Welles, who actuually trips near the end of the film and the director left it in. A classic! It's very hard to find. Get it if you can." Written by MovieMan-112 on IMDb.com "Great movie The pacing is great, the way that you get to know about Tepepa's morals is very efficient and adds to the overrall suspense as you find yourself wondering weather you should like him or not; That combined with the background theme of the movie, that is the anarchist mexican revolution, really gives the film a iconoclastic feel to it. It might be a bit too long and the dubbing is really bad but the film is worth it anyway for the insight on the mexican revolution as well as the political and yet not preachy or propaganda-like commentary." Written by RaulFerreiraZem on IMDb.com Also Known As (AKA): (original title): Tepepa Austria: Tepepa Brazil: Tepepa Bulgaria (Bulgarian title): Тепепа Canada (English title): Tepepa France: Trois pour un massacre Germany (Pay-TV title): Durch die Hölle Companeros Greece (transliterated title): Viva Tepepa Hungary: Tepepa, a hős bitang Japan (Japanese title): 復讐無頼 狼たちの荒野 Norway: En kule for Tepepa Poland: Viva Tepepa Romania: Tepepa Soviet Union (Russian title): Тепепа Spain: Tepepa Turkey (Turkish title): Tepepa USA: Long Live the Revolution USA: Tepepa USA (video title): Blood and Guns West Germany (video title): Der Eliminator West Germany: Tepepa West Germany: Tepepa - Durch die Hölle, Companeros ···················································································· ✘ Website: https://www.grjngo.com FOLLOW US! ✘ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/grjngo_westernmovies ✘ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Grjngo_com SUPPORT US! ✘ Membership - https://bit.ly/2V63h4q ✘ Merchandise - https://bit.ly/2FLB0sV MORE MOVIES! ► Classics: https://bit.ly/2CBLt8c ► Spaghetti Western: https://bit.ly/2CyCe8I ► All Playlists: https://bit.ly/2EOOfIH #westernmovies #grjngo #freewestern ···················································································· COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected], Amogo Networx - The AVOD Channel Network, www.amogo-networx.com.

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