NEW Action Film 2020 | The Bladesman, Eng Sub | Kung Fu Martial Arts Movie, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New Action Movie "The Bladesman" is one of the Best Chinese Kung Fu & Martial Arts Action Movies: 14 years ago, Hua Luo was a hot-blooded warrior who enforced justice on behalf of Heaven. But he fell into a trap of Wang Cheng and killed magistrate by mistakes. Then he left and lived in seclusion as a doctor with the magistrate's young daughter, Sun Yan. 14 years later, thieves spread like wildfire, A strange disease outbreaks in the county. After investigating, Hua Luo found it was related to the new county magistrate, Wang Cheng who was also the real murderer 14 years ago. In order to save Sun Yan, Hua Luo has to put on his warrior suit again and have a final fight with Wang Cheng again... Studio: Phoebe Media Producer: Wang Xiuzhen, Hou Guotao Director: Hou Guotao Writers: Zheng Zhong, Jiang Shanyong, Hou Guotao Starring: TAT-WAH LOK, Li Dong, Wu Danni, Sun Jianhao Genres: #KungFu, #MartialArts, #Action Link of Our Channels: ----Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: ----Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: ----Q1Q2 Short Videos Channel: ----Q1Q2 Music Channel: ----Moxi Best Movie Channel English: ----Moxi Movie Channel Official:

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