Gangster Romance Movie 2020 | School Belle and Bad Boy, Eng Sub | Love Story, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New Gangster Romance Movie "School Belle and Bad Boy" is about a love story and music dream. A'Feng (Nickname "Madman"), A'Wei, Datou (the Direction Band) and Xiaobao (the Direction Band) were classmates. The Music were their common favorites and made them very good friends. Youth was beautiful, They have romantic time with their girlfriends. Also Youth was grim. A'Feng was thrown into jail as he jointed a gang and involved "company"'s wounding incident. When graduated, others went to society and had different life directions. The only thing is the love of Music. Some years later, A'Feng got out from jail. with the love of music and his girlfriend, the band team arranged a successful Music festival. But this time, A'Feng could not stand on the stage any more…… Studio: Blooming Flowers Picture Producer: Churen Qin, Zhou Jiadong Director: Churen Qin Writer: Lu Wei Starring: Cheng Zicheng, Huang Jingyi Genres: #Gangster, #Romance, #School Link of Our Channels: ----Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: ----Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: ----Q1Q2 Short Videos Channel: ----Q1Q2 Music Channel: ----Moxi Best Movie Channel English: ----Moxi Movie Channel Official:

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