[ENG SUB] GOING SEVENTEEN 2017 Ep. 20-25 Funny and Weird Moments Cuts

No copyright infringement intended. All videos and music goes to the respective owners. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Through this, I realized how bad I am in editing. Need to work hard on this! Well, this is my opinion on some parts that I find funny. I really love when they do roleplay acting, it's so funny how they try to improvize things. More over the part where Hoshi called Jeonghan as mom, lol. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE-USING TRANSLATION/VIDEO REMINDER : - Re-translation to another languages is accepted. Please do PUT DOWN THE CREDIT on your video description. You can tag me to. - Using my subbed videos for editing purposes are allowed, but DON'T CUT OUT THE WATERMARK. If watermark must be cropped out, do add the credit by stating it in your video description or tag me. You don't need to ask for my permission, but please do credit. It will be much appreciated. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola, this is Carrotgyuu(히라)🌻 Thank you for the supports through likes and comments. Questions can be asked through comment box. I will try to keep on updates with Seventeen related video. Find me : OKRU www.ok.ru/carrotgyuu TWITTER https://twitter.com/carrotgyuu_ CURIOUSCAT https://curiouscat.me/carrotgyuu_ #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴

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