Action Movie 2020 电影 | Gamble King of Asia, Eng Sub 亚洲赌王之决战公海 | Gambling film 动作片 Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 Best Gambling Action movie "亚洲赌王之决战公海 Gamble King of Asia": There is a gambling ship named Bi'an in the international waters where it's a heaven for gamblers. 15 years ago, the old captain set a trap in a mysterious competition. As a result, the Asian gamble king, Wu Yong, lost his legs. Also the old captain had to leave the ship for 15 years. 15 years later, the ship appears again and the invitations are sent to all famous gamblers. Now the old captain is conspiring to retake the ship, and the apprentices of Wu Yong are also planning revenge. The final competition is coming... 故事简介: 2020最新动作电影《亚洲赌王之决战公海 Gambling King of Asia》讲述了 十五年前,亚洲赌王吴庸和格格对赌时,被赌船的老船长设下陷阱,吴庸以自己的两条腿为代价,使得老船长作出下船十五年的承诺,格格则成为新船长。十五年后,彼岸船再次出现,退隐江湖的吴庸收到请帖,他让儿子吴子建和徒弟翡冷翠、小杰代替自己上船,意外发现老船长再次出现,而现船长格格则行事诡秘。于是,各怀心机的众人展开了一场惊心动魄的“最后赌局”…… 出品 Studio: 包氏影业 Baos Film 导演 Director: 张建春 Zhang Jianchun 主演 Starring: 姚尧 Yao Yao, 骆应钧 Felix Lok 题材 Genres: #动作 #Action, #剧情 #Drama 圈影圈外YouTube频道影视上线计划 Updated Release Schedule: 关于我们 About us: A Distribution Company & A Platform Website of Film: 频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents 1, 圈影圈外电视剧网剧频道 Q1Q2 TV/Web Series Channel: 2, 圈影圈外短视频频道 Q1Q2 Short Videos Channel: 3, 圈影圈外音乐频道 Q1Q2 Music Channel: 4, 圈影圈外格斗与体育频道 Q1Q2 MMA & Sports Channel: 5, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: ---推荐精品电影 Recommended Movies ---午夜私密主题 Midnight Topic ---鬼怪殭尸主题 Ghost, Banshee, Vampire & Zombie Topic ---古惑仔黑帮主题 Youth & Gangster Topic ---赌神赌侠赌圣主题 Gambling Topic ---犯罪悬疑惊悚恐怖电影 Crime, Suspense, Thriller & Horror Movies ---神话魔幻科幻电影 Mystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction Movies ---剧情电影 Drama Movies ---青春爱情亲情电影 Youth, Family & Romance Movies ---喜剧搞笑电影 Comedy Movies ---黑帮动作探险军事电影 Gangster, Adventure, Military & Action Movies

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